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Our crews tackle the issues that matter to young people like you and team up to create the articles and videos you see on wimps.org.uk.

We’re pretty proud of them.

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Belfast Central Crew

Meeting Schedule

  • Every Thursday @ 7pm - 9pm

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To find out more email info@wimps.org.uk or phone 02890 442813.

About Us

We meet every Thursday evening between 7 and 9 pm at WIMPS HQ in the Cathedral Quarter

We have opened a new WIMPS Café there for members to hang out. But there is more to it than just hanging out.

Very quickly WIMPS Crew members learn about making videos, using cameras and edition, researching and writing stories, taking photos and all sorts of media and social media skills.

WIMPS is a ‘youth led’ organisation – so you will and the Crew will decide on the stories you want to do. Then they appear on the website where you can share them.

There are also guests from TV, radio, newspapers. But it’s more than media training. You will also learn about working with and in communities.

Crew HQ

Public Achievement Advertising
First Floor
7 Donegall Street Place
Donegall Stret