Still “HOPE” 

Written by
Bronagh Heatley

Posted on June 19th


Last week Karl Spence, East Belfast Crew member, began a Campaign on the WIMPS website for threatening messages to be removed from the ‘HOPE’ mural on Short Strand Interface.

WIMPS interviewed Karl on how he reached his goal and the process he went through.
“They had written “Kill all loyalists” and “Loyalists beware”. Where is our shared future? It made my friends and me angry and one of my mates said she felt intimidated by the graffiti…. I saw it as I was coming back from town and with tensions already high in the area I thought something has to be done and representatives from my area need to act on this.”
“I was surprised how quickly it all happened.  I met Cllr Adam Newton (DUP) on Friday and spoke to him for about 45 mins about the mural, cross community work and open police meetings; Adam had rang the Council during the meeting and within 2 hours the graffiti had been removed.”
“I also have a meeting with Cllr Nialle Ó Donnghaile (Sinn Fein) to discuss more action to be taken”… “People from both sides of the community need to get in contact with someone to help take it down.”
Karl was very humble about his achievements, but what this proves is that one person can make a difference in their community. 
Here are some of the highlights from Twitter:

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