My MEP - My Voice 


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WIMPS Web Editor

Posted on April 30th


My MEP - My Voice is a European Movement Ireland initiative for 18-25 year olds on the island of Ireland with a passion for communicating and a desire to have their voices heard in the 2014 European Elections. 

In collaboration with a number of partner organisations in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland - Young Irish Film Makers, SpunOut.ie, WIMPS, Opportunity Youth, The Immigrant Council of Ireland and European Movement Northern Ireland - EMI put the call out for young people with a story, a concern or an issue who were then brought together in March 2014 for a day of training and filming in either Belfast, Cork, Dublin or Galway.

At these workshops, participants met their co-stars, decided what they wanted their video to look like and received training in appearing on camera, all before recording their video message in front of the lens! This video is the product of the workshops.

For more information on the programme, please visit the website here.

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