Stop neglecting us Translink! (Get us where we need to go!)

Created by Shanon O'Kane

Status Closed

    • Started Campaign

      1st Dec 2011

    • Target

      Gain 30 supporters for our campaign

      20th Oct 2011

    • Target

      Send a letter to our local Councillors

      20th Oct 2011

    • Target

      Meet with Translink

      14th Nov 2011

  1. Now

Our Goal

Allow people from Claudy to use the Goldline service to and from Claudy

Why support my campaign?

As young people living in Claudy and the surrounding areas, we feel that Translink have forgotten about us. The bus service is not good enough and we cannot get in or out of Claudy after 18:10! We cannot afford a taxi service and believe that we should be allowed to board the Goldline service in order to do social activities that other people in urban areas can do easily.

Our Targets

  • Meet with Translink within 1 month
  • Send a letter to our local Councillors within 1 week
  • Gain 30 supporters for our campaign within 1 week

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