G8 Anti-fracking actions

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      22nd May 2013

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      100 activists/16 stewards

      22nd Jun 2013

Our Goal

To use the G8 summit in June to highlight to the world Northern Ireland’s opposition to hydraulic fracturing for shale gas

Why support my campaign?

The leaders of the 8 richest countries in the world will come together in County Fermanagh in June for the annual G8 Summit.

In previous years the same group of politicians has come out in favour of “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing, which is a method of extracting deep underground deposits of oil or gas.

This technology is dangerous and polluting, and will probably devastate Northern Ireland’s environment if it goes ahead.

Friends of the Earth is taking part in a mass demonstration in Belfast on Saturday 15 June 2013, and we need your help.

We want to construct a replica of the apparatus used to extract the gas - called a “frack pad” - and to trail 100m of decorated blue cloth behind it, which would represent a polluted river.

We need volunteers to help us carry different sections of this huge piece of cloth, and others who will act as stewards and ensure everyone’s safety.

If you are interested in helping out with either of these roles, please email niall.bakewell@foe.co.uk or phone 028 9089 7592.

Our Targets

  • 100 activists/16 stewards within 1 month

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