For threatening messages to be removed from a HOPE mural in the Short Strand

Created by Karl_1997

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      11th Jun 2013

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      Discuss with local reps

      25th Jun 2013

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Our Goal

I would like threatening messages to be removed for a very visible mural at the Short Strand interface.

Why support my campaign?

People from all sides of the community should supports this, The days of threats and violence should be behind us. Coming up to the marching season tensions are already high in interface areas and after the flag situation they are even worse. Something needs to be done to remove this of a HOPE mural which is very visible to everyone!. Elected reps in the Short Strand need to take control of the situation and get it removed!

Our Targets

  • Discuss with local reps within 2 weeks

Campaign Updates

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  • The Story on Twitter

    Posted on June 17th, 2013

    Here is how the campaign played out on Twitter:

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