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WIMPS is setting up new Crew around Northern Ireland.  It will take a little time before there are WIMPS Crew everywhere, but we are making progress.
Check here to find out if there is a Crew near you.
  • Right now you can become involved through the web site - add your comments and join a discussion.
  • If you are in or near Belfast, the WIMPS Crew meet on Thursday evening at 7.00pm at 7 Donegall Street Place. There are Crew in North, South, East and West Belfast. Outside belfast there are Crew im several places. Check the Crew page on the website 
  • If you want to find out more call 028 9044 2813 and ask for the WIMPS Coordinator.
  • If you are interested in setting up a WIMPS group in your area you can start talking to us about that anytime. 
To find out more about WIMPS and our plans to set up new Crew, call the WIMPS Coordinator at Public Achievement Advertising 028 9044 2813. 

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