The WIMPS team. Read all about them…

  • Peter Huey 

    Social Media Assistant

  • Sian O’Neill

    Sian O’Neill 

    WIMPS Youth Worker

  • Jenna Booth

    Jenna Booth 

    Civic Animator

  • Davy Sims

    Davy Sims 

    Head of Social Media

    It’s my job to look after the social media and websites for all of Public Achievement Advertising in particular this WIMPS web site. I also manage the WIMPS project and will help to start new WIMPS crews around Northern Ireland.

  • Paul Smyth

    Paul Smyth 

    Director of Public Achievement Advertising

    I am responsible for all Public Achievement Advertising’s programmes - including WIMPS.  My main role is to manage the staff and budgets on behalf of our Board.  I also love to be involved in the WIMPS project.  I was involved in setting the project up, way back in 2004, and this is the third version of the website we have built since then.  I love the impact that WIMPS has on young people, communities and on politicians.  It is great when you see a politician being interviewed and they are challenged by a young person’s question.

    I am a creative person - I studied Fine Art and also Innovation at different points in my education - and I love the way WIMPS brings together these passions with my main passion - which is seeing young people make a difference.  We have a great team in WIMPS and at Public Achievement Advertising - so I hope you will get involved with our work and that it will make a difference to your life and your community.