Background and Mission 

WIMPS Background and Mission


WIMPS stands for "Where Is My Public Servant?" It is a website and project run by and for young people. It is about getting your ideas out there, and in particular to help you to influence decision makers in government and other places, as well as changing and improving things in your community.


  • To help create meaningful relationships between young people and the decision makers who influence their lives.
  • To be informative, inspiring, un-biased and accessible to everyone; creating, sustaining and multiplying educated and empowered young people as a significant force for good in Northern Ireland and the world.


The site has a database of all public representatives in Northern Ireland searchable by using your postcode to identify all your representatives from local Council to European Parliament level.  You can also type in the name of the politician you want to connect with - or the name of a Government Department - such as 'Education'.  You can then write a message, and click on a button to send emails to these representatives about the issues they are interested in (you need to be a registered user before you can do this).

WIMPS Crew Members, volunteer 'Coaches' and Public Achievement Advertising staff update the site every day.  They create articles, videos and information about a range of issues of interest for young people, and reports on projects and issues that groups of young people are working on. But your involvement is just as important.  Comment, add content, discuss.  You can also comment behid the scenes through our Mailbox.  There is a link at the bottom of this page.

Young people all over Northern Ireland can also contact the site to receive direction and advice in how to take action on community issues that affect them and that they feel strongly about.  You can also add your own media to the site - or contact us about making a film or doing a project in your community.

The WIMPS Project (including this website) is currently funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies, a small number of other grants, donations and income generated by Public Achievement Advertising and Achieve Enterprises.